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Maur Hill - Mount Academy
A Catholic, Prep, Boarding School Since 1863
two graduates, the front of the campus building, a groups of students smiling, and football player


You are part of a unique group of people who make up the alumni of Maur Hill Prep, Mount St. Scholastica, and Maur Hill - Mount Academy. We are inspired by your truly remarkable actions and want you to know that it is YOU our students try to emulate. They hear about the traditions you established. They read about how you learned to carry yourself. They see how successful you have become. And they desire to follow in your footsteps.

We invite our current students, alumni, and families to come together and revel in the company of one another at our alumni-sponsored events. 


Looking for a former classmate, need to sign up for our newsletter, or want to help? Contact Chanda Koechner at (913) 367-5482.

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